Conveyancing Contact Details

All conveyancing is supervised by a partner.

Malcolm Bell ( and Tracy Poolman ( each have their own conveyancing case load and either are happy to help any client, or prospective client, with their instructions or questions.

We expect to give an estimate of our costs in any case, and are happy to do so by email if requested.

Please email or ring for an estimate. Any member of staff will take your details and pass them on to someone who will prepare an estimate.

Each partner has support staff who carry out day to day matters in close consultation with the partners. We are happy to introduce them here.

David Steed ( is a consultant, brings his own caseload to Harold Bell & Co. He supports us and we him at holiday times.


Assistant profile

Laura Wickins

Laura joined Harold Bell & Co in 2002 having 'rested' for 11 years to bring up her children. Laura assists Malcolm Bell in all his conveyancing taking the larger part of day to day client contact. Having spent all her working life doing domestic conveyancing she is well experienced to help you with your day to day queries and to refer to Malcolm when needed.

You can reach Laura through the switchboard (020 8393 0231) or via email at

Caroline Wheelhouse

Caroline joined Harold Bell & Co in 2005. She provides keys support to both Malcolm Bell and, in more recent years, David Steed. Caroline enjoys her busy post in the front office and will usually be the first person to greet you when you visit.

You can reach Caroline through the switchboard (020 8393 0231) or via email at

Laura Kinsley

Laura, whose virtues are described under "Estate Planning", has extensive experience in conveyancing and assists Tracy Poolman.