Estate Planning, Wills & Probate

Wills: All of our solicitors at Harold Bell & Co. are able to draft and prepare Wills and provide basic tax advice for you. We can prepare Wills at a fixed rate as follows:

Single Will (for one individual):                                   £200.00 plus VAT

Double Wills (for a couple, married or otherwise):        £300.00 plus VAT

Please note that the above prices are inclusive of normal tax advice and simple will trusts (if required).More complicated Wills will be done on a time basis and this would be set out in the first interview.

If necessary, we can take instructions from a home address and or hospital should the circumstances require it.  Please contact one of our members of staff who will be able to provide you with a likely cost of this service if this is required. Alternatively, for general enquiries regarding WIlls, please email

Estate Planning: Whether you wish to avoid Inheritance Tax, establish a Trust for your grandchildren, or simply draft your first Will, the staff at Harold Bell & Co are well equipped to advise and assist with estate planning issues. 

Probate: If a family member or friend has recently died and/or you are a named Executor in the person's Will and need to know what to do next, we would be pleased to provide guidance. We can assist from the most straightforward of estates up to the more complicated of probate matters from start to finish.

Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorney: As from 1st October 2007 new Enduring Powers of Attorney cannot be prepared. However, please be assured that this does not affect the validity of an Enduring Power of Attorney that has been correctly executed prior to this date. From this date you can have a Lasting Power of Attorney drawn up. The forms for these are more complicated and lengthy than the previous Enduring Power of Attorney forms but we will gladly advise you of the key differences and the likely costs in preparing these for you and, as with Wills, we can arrange to visit hospitals or the home bound elderly upon request.

Frequent Questions: We have attempted to cover some of the general questions we receive on our FAQs page, and hope that the links we have provided might also prove useful.

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