Divorce, Separation & Matrimonial Dissolution

When a relationship breaks down there are emotional, financial and legal issues to resolve.  We are able to offer full help and support in relation to all these issues and aim to do so with efficiency and compassion.   

We are able to offer expertise in relation to the following:

Divorce, Judicial Separation and Nullity

All important issues are covered and we strive to look after our clients’ best interests at all times.   Every effort is made to deal with financial settlements and issues relating to children in a non contentious manner.  Our aim is to find the best and fairest solution and we will consider the most appropriate way in which such matters may be dealt with.


We offer advice on all legal aspects of cohabitation and can draw up legal agreements for those who wish to formalise their relationship and we provide advice when those relationships break down.

Civil Partnerships

The Civil Partnership Act came in to effect on 5 December 2005.We are able to offer advice as to the implications of entering into a civil partnership and in relation to the consequences of break down.

Pre-Marital Agreements

We are able to offer detailed advice regarding such agreements which are increasingly popular and need to be drawn up carefully.

Inheritance Act Claims

We are able to advise you on any entitlement that you may have in the event that someone close has died leaving no provision or inadequate provision for those left behind.


This can often provide an effective way of resolving all types of family disputes involving separation and divorce to include financial matters and issues relating to children. Tracy Poolman is a qualified mediator.

Collaborative Law

This is a new approach to the resolution of all issues that arise when a relationship breaks down. This can be an effective alternative to conventional representation or to mediation. The emphasis is on providing a solution without going to court and all negotiations take place in round table meetings attended by both parties and their solicitors.

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