Probate FAQs

A family member or friend has just died.  What do I do?

What is Probate, or a Grant of Representation?

Do I need a Grant of Representation?

Can an estate be administered without the assistance of a solicitor?

How long does it take to get a grant of representation, and how long is the entire probate process likely to last?

When is Inheritance Tax payable, and who is liable to pay it?

How is Inheritance Tax calculated, and what is the Nil Rate Band?

I have been named as an executor in a Will, or I am the next of kin to the deceased where there is no Will.    What are my duties and responsibilities, and can I avoid these duties if I do not wish to get involved?

What is the deadline for obtaining a grant of representation?

How much are your fees to handle a probate matter?

Estate Planning & Will Drafting FAQ's

Do I need a Will?

Do I need a solicitor to draft a Will for me?

I have worked hard and have paid income tax all my life.  The last thing I want to do is let the government take 40% of my taxable estate upon my death.  How can I avoid paying inheritance tax

What is the Nil Rate Band and Why would I want a Nil Rate Band Trust?

What is a Deed of Variation, or Deed of Family Arrangement?

Can I draft my Will in such a manner as to avoid Probate?